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Empty Typewriter, 1969
Bud Grossmann’s
Empty Typewriter, 1969
© 1969 by Bud Grossmann

    Bud Grossmann is widely known for his poetry and prose. Some of his book-length works include the following:

Leave Us Grass (1974)

From Small Beginnings (1986)

“Mom & Pop” Property Management (1991)

A Mess of Asparagus (co-authored by his grandmother, Alice Cummings Grossmann, in 1993)

Let’s Talk About Something Pleasant, Can’t We? (1994)

Oh, Buddy, Why Do You Have to Aggravate Me So? (1995)

Ma’s Going to Be Okay—She’s Got a Good Strong Pulse (1996)

I Ain’t Dead Yet—You Might Think I Am, But I Ain’t (1997)

A Robin Will Come Along And Build Her Nest On Your Lip (1998)

This Week Sat. the Sheep Will Lose There Wool (1999)

    Bud publishes a piece of writing (new or reissued) on this Web site most Sundays as his Words of the Week. Items available on this site are listed (but in some instances cryptically described) on his Back Issues Page.

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