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July 25, 2021
Previously unpublished
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Levi’s Jacket (2004)
  Levi’s Jacket (2004)
© 2004 by Bud Grossmann


Teen-Aged Bride (1971)

Not long after I took this photograph of a nineteen-year-old college student posing beside a 1966 Harley-Davidson Sprint, she married the owner of the motorcycle. The date of the wedding was Sunday, the twenty-fifth of July, 1971. I am publishing this photo and its caption on Sunday, the twenty-fifth of July, 2021. Wondering if the twenty-fifth of July is scheduled to fall again on Sunday when another fifty years have passed, I looked it up. Nope. It’s scheduled to be a Saturday. Funny, isn’t it, how some things don’t work out quite the way we might expect.

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