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Paul Glasgow Stewart (1969)
  Paul Glasgow Stewart (1969)
© 1969 by Bud Grossmann


Paul Glasgow Stewart (1969)

I am not 100% certain of the date, but I might have made this portrait, of my friend and classmate, Paul Glasgow Stewart, fifty years ago today, outside the menís dorm at California Concordia College, in Oakland. Four days later, at about four in the morning on Friday, March 28th, 1969, Paul was killed in an instant, when a speeding double-trailer semi rammed my 1929 Ford Model A pickup (in this photo parked behind Paulís 1960 VW and his 1929 Ford coupe) and tossed Paul from the truck bed to the road surface on Highway 99 in Fresno, as Paul and two other college sophomores and I, with the reluctant permission of our Dean of Students, ambitiously embarked upon our spring break a day ahead of the rest of the Concordia community.

Although I have left approximately four hundred pertinent details out of the above paragraph, I think it is, for today, a sufficient caption. If my photo reminds you of tragedies of your own, I encourage you to share your recollections with me or with someone else who might avoid sorrow as a consequence of contemplating your experiences.

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