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General Questions

Do the buttons below the title of this page actually work?
Alas, as of , the buttons do NOT seem to be working. If you can tell me why not, I’ll try to fix them. If you notice anything anywhere else on this Web site that isn’t working correctly, would you please let me know. My e-mail address is on my Picture of the Day page.

Personal Matters

Bud, do you have a business card?
You call that a personal question? No, I don’t have a business card. Google me. I do have a business license.
Does anyone actually ask any of these questions frequently?
If they do, I haven’t heard them. The original FAQ page was up for almost eleven years without my being aware that my wit had impressed anyone.
How can I see the original FAQ page?
Ha, ha! You realize, don’t you, that I just made up that question! No one frequently asks it.


Who is the nude model in such-and-such photo?
Why do you want to know?


What did you mean by ...?
What do you think I meant?

Theology & Philosophy

Good God! Are you serious, Bud?
Are you asking a question, or making a statement of faith?

Odds & Ends

How about them Packers!?

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