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On this, the Home Page of budgrossmann.com, Bud posts notices of the most recent changes to the site. He also tells a little about himself and specifies the (very) limited permission he grants for using the copyrighted material he has created. You may contact Bud by consulting his comment page.

Current Remarks

Budís dad died December 5, 2020, at age 94. His obituary and a link to a few photographs of him are posted HERE.

                               BUD GROSSMANN

In 2014, Bud married Carol E. Twilt, who lived until October 1, 2023. Carol's obituary and a link to about twenty photographs of Carol are posted HERE.

                               BUD GROSSMANN

Bud G. made the photo in the woods in 2012; he took picture of his Levi's in 1982.


Born in 1949, Bud Grossmann has published numerous photographs, cartoons, poems, and works of fiction and non-fiction, including five books of “Gramma Letters.”

Mr. Grossmann lives in Wisconsin.

Notice of Copyright

Unless evidently in the public domain or credited to another author or artist, all writings, photographs, and other works on this site are the property of Bud Grossmann.

  You may print out one copy of a Words of the Week for non-commercial use.

  You may make a single copy of a photograph (or you may post online a photograph), provided that:

  • (1) it is for your personal, non-commercial use;
  • (2) you do not crop or alter the photo in any way; and
  • (3) you legibly caption it “Copyright by www.budgrossmann.com.”
This permission is subject to revision or revocation at any time.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell or trade your personal information provided in the course of doing business through this Web site.

Regarding photographs taken in other than a public place and displayed on this Web site, Mr. Grossmann, with rare and justifiable exceptions, holds model releases from the persons whose identity would likely be evident from the photos.

Truth-In-Self-Portraiture Disclosure

Bud Grossmann made the photograph of himself in the pine woods in 2012; he took the picture of himself in Levi’s jeans thirty years earlier.

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