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Terms of Service

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
If something you buy from this Web site fails to meet your expectations, let us know within thirty days of the date you receive it, and we will arrange for a replacement or refund.

That is my warranty. Now please read the fine print:

Photographs on cards may fade.

Bud Grossmann’s photo cards are printed with Hewlett-Packard dye-based inks; they are not intended for display in direct sunlight and are not warranted against fading or a change in color.

A long life is predicted for photo enlargements, but Bud limits his warranty to 30 days.

Bud’s larger prints, made with an Epson 2200 printer with dye-pigment inks on Epson matte archival paper, reportedly can be expected to last as long as ninety years. Bud himself, however, does not expect to last that long, so he limits his guarantee to thirty days.

Some photos may be unavailable.

Some photos may not be available for technical reasons, personal reasons, or because a model release has not been granted. Bud has not yet attempted to print all of the photos shown on this Web site. If he is unable to make a card or enlargement that meets his standard of quality (or yours) he will offer a substitution or will refund your purchase price.

U.S. sales only.

At this time, products sold on this Web site are available only in the U.S.A.

Other limitations and disclaimers:

Except for the promises stated here (offer of substitution or refund), Bud Grossmann disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose. He assumes no liability for consequential damages or loss of any kind related to his products or services. All of the information, instructions, and recommendations on this Web site (or its publications) are offered on a strictly “as-is” basis. The material is offered without any warranty, expressed or implied. In particular, any and all warranties of fitness for use or merchantability are disclaimed. Neither www.budgrossmann.com, nor Bud Grossmann personally, shall be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may result from anything that is viewed on this Web site (or any publication related to this Web site), or anything you do as a result thereof. It is your responsibility to determine whether any recommendations you receive here are appropriate for your particular situation. This Web site cannot be held accountable for decisions made based upon these recommendations, which are offered in general terms based on Bud Grossmann’s or others’ past experiences.

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

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