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Bud Grossmann’s
Words of the Week
for the Week of
August 28, 2016
Previously unpublished fiction.
© 2016 by Bud Grossmann.
All Rights Reserved.

A Motel's Morning Light (2016)
  A Motel’s Morning Light (2016)
© 2016 by Bud Grossmann


Hello, Theresa and Dorothy!

How are you two doing?

Celeste and I returned last Friday from a week’s quick trip to New York, where Celeste grew up and where we went now for a brief but excellent visit with Celeste’s ailing brother. While we were traveling, one of Uncle Art’s daughters, my cousin Brenda, checked in on Dad and helped him with the small medical stuff that Celeste and I usually attend to.

One morning on our return trip, at a motel in Kent, Ohio, Celeste carried her breakfast plate from the buffet counter to a table-for-four on which she saw a cell phone and a full breakfast plate that she assumed were mine. As she sat down, a friendly-looking man, in his fifties, set down a cup of coffee beside the phone and said, “Oh! Are you going to have breakfast with me?”

As Celeste stammered an apology, I brought my breakfast to the table and asked the fellow if he would like company and asked whether the other places at the table were spoken for.

The man declared, “Everybody likes company!” I refrained from disputing his misplaced optimism. He told us he didn’t think his family was coming to breakfast because his wife was probably busy crying in their motel room while saying goodbye to their youngest daughter who would be moving into a dorm that day as she embarked upon her freshman year at Kent State. So Celeste and I sat down with him.

We had a pleasant breakfast and a far-ranging conversation with the fellow, Lenny Berwick, who at some point mentioned he was from Locust Grove, Virginia. Celeste and I said, “Ha! We know people in Locust Grove!” We mentioned your names, but Lenny couldn’t recall that he was acquainted with you. I Googled his name and town today and discovered that the Berwicks reside only 2.4 miles from you!

So, Theresa and Dorothy, we regret to inform you ladies that you may not be quite as famous as Celeste and I always thought you were, but we would like to ask you, if you sometime run into Mr. or Mrs. Berwick out there, would you please offer them greetings from your friends in Wisconsin.

Dave and Celeste

P.S.: I have looked over my prose in this message and have smiled at the complexity of some of my protracted sentences. If a fifth-grade teacher (or anyone else) would like to suggest improvements, I will listen.

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