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December 25, 2016
Previously unpublished fiction.
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Christmas Card (2016)
  Christmas Card (2016)
© 2016 by Bud Grossmann


Probably in the fall of 1963, early in the school year at Fjord High School in Fjord, Wisconsin, freshman David C. Fischer, a transfer student from Lexington, Kentucky, was clowning around with some classmates in the lunch line in the school cafeteria, perhaps noisily, when the lunchroom monitor, a plump, dark-haired home economics teacher named Myrtle Mae Hubert, brought her face close to the boy’s and declared, “You think you are Jesus, Mary, and Joseph all rolled into one, don’t you, David Fischer?”

Young Fischer, a Lutheran, found the accusation startling and peculiar. He blushed mightily and entered a plea of not guilty: “No, ma’am, I do not,” he said.

Whether the encounter resulted in Fischer’s developing a greater sense of humility than that typical of other Lutherans continues, sometimes, to be a matter of serious contemplation, lo, these more than fifty years down the road.

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