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January 15, 2017
Previously unpublished fiction.
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A Woman Who Was Not German (1997)
  A Woman Who Was Not German (1997)
© 1997 by Bud Grossmann


I recall, or I think I recall, on more than one occasion in the 1960’s, my Grandma Fischer commenting when Grandpa or one of us grandchildren disavowed something we were alleged to have said. Grandma would skeptically declare, “Why, it sounds just like you, Harry!”

I recall, or I think I recall, that Grandma sometimes explained the origin of that remark. She had seen on television someone interviewing former-President Harry Truman, together with his wife. The interviewer asked Mr. Truman about something he purportedly had said on an earlier occasion. According to my grandmother, the former president, in denying he had made the quoted statement, sought the support of his spouse: “Oh, I never said that, did I, Bess?” and Mrs. Truman, without hesitation, replied, “Why, it sounds just like you, Harry!”

I wish I could recall now why I began telling you this story, but I think it might be because my Grandpa Fischer was, reportedly, half German. I thought of my dear gramp and gram a few days ago when I was startled to hear on TV a possible future U.S. president declaring himself to be a Germanphobe. Grandma Fischer wasn’t German at all, but I could imagine her sitting with me in my living room one day this past week, and remarking to the TV screen, “Germanphobe or not, sir, it sounds just like you, Harry!”

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