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Bud Grossmann’s
Words of the Week
for the Week of
June 4, 2017
Previously unpublished
theological commentary.

© 2017 by Bud Grossmann.
All Rights Reserved.

Author Amused By Thermometer in Early June (2017)
  Author Amused By Thermometer
in Early June (2017)

© 2017 by Bud Grossmann


As of today,
David C. Fischer
of Fjord, Wisconsin,
whether fictitious or not,
has lived exactly 24,837 days,
which, shall we agree, sounds like a lot.

24,837! Add
about two-eighty if it
would be your contention
that Dave’s tenure on earth
began at conception.

If that is the view
you would propose,
then the precise total is
something God only knows.

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