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October 15, 2017
Previously unpublished fiction.
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Needles & Leaves (2017)
  Needles & Leaves (2017)
© 2017 by Bud Grossmann


Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 11:31 PM

Celeste and I spent this afternoon on a leisurely drive out from Fjord (not in C.’s Ford, but in our RAV-4) to the other side of the Wisconsin River, almost to the western boundary of Galloway County. We found some picture-worthy barns and glorious autumn leaves and returned home again by suppertime.

We mostly traveled on country roads but had to use a stretch of Interstate going and coming. At a rest stop on I-39 I pointed out to Celeste that ours was one of four late-model Toyotas parked all angled-in at a section of curb, one after another, and there was one non-Toyota (a rusted white GMC) a stall or two beyond the last (or first) of the Toyotas. I will leave it to you, a bookkeeper, to contemplate the significance of the percentages. The GMC appeared to be unoccupied the entire time we were at the rest stop, but when Celeste and I were preparing to leave, I noticed that every single one of the Toyotas coincidentally had people in the vehicle or just outside of it at that same moment. I was tempted to rush out and ask everyone to pose for a tourist picture, but a misty drizzle of rain presented a risk to my camera and tripod and thus diluted my temptation. I allowed the opportunity to lapse untaken.

Sleep well tonight, and have a pleasant Sunday.

Love, Dave

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