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February 4, 2018
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A Man Whose Name the Photographer Does Not Know (1973)
  A Man Whose Name the
Photographer Does Not Know (1973)

© 1973 by Bud Grossmann


Message for Mr. Gilliland
This is Dave Fischer of Fjord, Wisc. Thank you for all your various work with WPR. Last Sunday, I was surprised to hear a Fjord person mentioned during Old Time Radio Drama (it was first name only, winner of tickets to your Wausau performance), and I was going to make a note of the name in case I ever ran across the guy here in town, but I happen to be twenty days older than you, and my memory didn't hold the name long enough to write it down. Simple name, but not a Bob, Dave, or Bill, and not one that brought any particular Fjord person to mind. Would you be so kind, sir, as to send me the name? I publish a piece of writing each Sunday on www.budgrossmann.com and might include the name, along with a mention of your program, in something about the fictional village of Rio, Wisconsin. Thanks a lot.
P.S. I was further surprised and pleased that you pronounced, on air, Fjord the way we do here, as "Ford"; a lot of people outside of Galloway County mistakenly include the j.

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