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Bud Grossmann’s
Words of the Week
for the Week of
March 25, 2018
Previously unpublished
religious humor.

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Oars (1979)
  Oars (1979)
© 1979 by Bud Grossmann


Here it is, late Saturday night, and here I am, ready to give you wonderful, lucky people one of my all-time favorite jokes, a joke within a joke, something entertaining and useful as well.

I believe I heard Albert Brooks tell this one when Mr. Brooks and I were young. He was on TV, giving pointers on joke-telling, and he said, One important principle is this: Make sure, before you get to the punch line, you have told your audience everything they need to know.

... So, there they were, Jesus and his disciples, crossing the Sea of Galilee, when Andrew stuck his head out the porthole and the ship turned around! Oh, wait, wait, wait! No, I’m sorry. Wait! I forgot to tell you. His nose was eleven feet long!

Now, good night, ladies and gentlemen. I wish you a pleasant Palm Sunday. Please try not to think too much about our president.

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